3mg CBD bite-sized Dope Dog Biscuits
3mg CBD Bite-sized Dope Dog Biscuits
Sweet Potato 3mg CBD Calming Dog Treats

Sweet Potato 3mg CBD Calming Dog Treats

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Calming Crunchies Product Facts

Sweet potatoes are high in fiber and great for digestive health. They also contain vitamin B6, vitamin C, and manganese. Made with organic CBD, this formula can be used to treat a particular complaint or as a daily wellness supplement.


  • CBD derived from US-grown hemp
  • 100% human-grade ingredients sourced in the US
  • Limited ingredient treats, perfect for pups with sensitive stomachs or allergies
  • Lab tested for safety, purity, and potency
  • Non-GMO
  • 100% THC- free

Each 7oz bag contains approximately 36 small dog treats

Approximately 108 mg of ACTIVE CBD per bag.

3mg of active CBD per treat

Benefits of CBD dog treats

Benefits of our CBD Dog Treats

  • Natural anxiety relief, pain relief, and preventative wellness
  • Used to treat separation anxiety, inflammation, arthritis, joint pain, epilepsy, aging, and more.
  • Perfect for travel, grooming, storms, fireworks, rehoming, and more.

How Does CBD Work On Dogs?

Like humans, every dog has an Endocannabinoid system which helps our body regulate mood and many other things. The Endocannabinoid system has cannabinoid receptors called CB1 and CB2. CB2 in particular, works naturally with cannabinoids, like CBD. When CBD is taken regularly, the Endocannabinoid system improves resulting in a number of benefits.


  • Separation Anxiety
  • Aggression
  • Fear


  • Minimizes pain from aging
  • Helps with pain during recovery from surgery or other injuries
  • Minimizes pain from cancer treatments


  • Helps reduce pain in arthritic dogs
  • Anti-inflammatory properties support preventative and prolonged joint health


  • Minimizes internal inflammation
  • Limited ingredients support sensitive stomachs


  • Helps with insomnia
  • Reduced anxiety promotes more peaceful rest

Ingredient List

We like to keep it simple, choosing only the highest quality, human-grade ingredients. Every ingredient is sourced in the USA and chosen for a specific purpose. You won't find any fillers at Dope Dog!

CBD Isolate

CBD stands for "cannabidiol" which is an all-natural cannabinoid derived from the hemp flower. 100% of our CBD is from sun-grown hemp from sustainable US farms. CBD isolate is made from hemp oil that's been refined down to pure CBD. Unlike many CBD products which are made from a full-spectrum hemp extract, Calming Crunchies are made from pure CBD isolate, which means they are 100% THC-free.

Organic Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are high in fiber and great for digestive health. They are packed with vital minerals including potassium, manganese, and magnesium. Potassium is key in preserving nerve transmissions and muscle function. This super food also contains calcium, iron, zinc, Vitamins B6 and Vitamin C.


This dog-friendly veggie is low in calorie and high fiber, helping with bowel movement regularity. Carrots are also an excellent source of Vitamin A and are rich in beta-carotene. Vitamin A is a vital nutrient essential for your dog's vision, muscle strength, and a healthy skin and coat.

Chicken Liver

Chicken liver is high in protein, fat and vitamin A. Its high fat content makes it a particularly good choice for young, growing dogs and underweight dogs. Liver is a source of Vitamins A, B, B1, B12 and K.

Rolled Oats

Oats are a great carbohydrate alternative for dogs who may be sensitive to wheat or other grains. Oats are packed with linoleic acid, a type of omega-6 fatty acid that helps keep skin strong and healthy. Oats are also great source of fiber, making them beneficial for dogs with bowel irregularity issues.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a healthy fat that is safe for dogs and humans alike. It gently elevates the metabolism, provides a higher level of energy, and speeds healing. Coconut oil can also improve dogs' skin and coat and aid in digestion.

Other Ingredients

Rye flour, powdered egg, rosemary extract (a natural preservative)


How to use CBD dog treats?

How to use CBD dog treats:

Remember, every dog is unique and so is their Endocannabinoid System. For this reason, no dog will experience the same exact results from the same dose.

Suggested Serving:

You know your dog best! Observe before and after administration to determine optimal dose. Begin with recommended starting dose and scale up or down as needed. Repeat every 3-6 hours as needed

Recommended Starting Dose:

1 treat (3mg) per serving for a 20-30lb dog.

2 treats (6 mg) per serving for a 50-60lb dog.

3 treats (9mg) per serving for 90lb+ dog.

Note: If your dog weights less than 10 pounds, they can still still enjoy Calming Crunchies. Simply breaking the treat in half as dose as needed.

For more information on potency and/or dosing, visit our CBD Learning Lab

Lab Results

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Benefits of Sweet Potato for Dogs


Owners should do whatever it takes to keep their dogs healthy with a shiny coat and a robust immune system.


While there is a large selection of dog treats available, many of them are highly processed and contain more ingredients than they really need. That’s why at Dope Dog, we use wholesome, organic products and avoid preservatives.


One of the foods that dog owners would like to find out more about is sweet potatoes.

What Are The Benefits of Sweet Potato?

One of the reasons why many dog owners prefer to give their canine companion sweet potatoes as treats is because of the nutritional value.


Sweet potatoes contain starch, and when it is cooked, the starch will break down so that it can be easily digested. The sweet potato is also rich in dietary fiber, which is essential for the proper digestive system function. A well-regulated digestive system can also boost the dog's immune system so that they can fight off any infections.


Another advantage of giving sweet potatoes to your pup is the ample amount of vitamins and nutrition. Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of Vitamin A or carotene, which is required to keep the eyes healthy, muscles strong, and skin glowing and healthy. Vitamin B6 is another vitamin found in the sweet potato, which is essential for boosting immunity, proper functioning of the digestive, nervous system, and blood circulation. Vitamin C in the sweet potato contains antioxidants that reduce inflammation and slow down the aging process.


Sweet potatoes are excellent sources of minerals like Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Manganese, and Magnesium required to keep the dog healthy. Calcium is required for healthy muscles, nervous system, and hormone secretion. Iron is essential for the formation of red blood cells, and if the dog does not have enough iron, he will feel tired and fatigued. Potassium is required for the production of enzymes and ensuring that fluids are balanced. Magnesium is necessary for proper cell functioning, while manganese will help the dog absorb the proteins and carbohydrates from the food that they eat.

Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potato?

Pet owners should be aware that it's best to give cooked sweet potatoes instead of raw sweet potatoes to their dogs. Raw potatoes might cause GI discomforts like vomiting and diarrhea. After all, raw potatoes contain solanine, which causes skin irritation, vomiting, and other health problems. More significant amounts of solanine can also cause death.


However, if the sweet potato is boiled, baked, or processed, the solanine is destroyed and it is safe for the pet to consume. Those who grow sweet potatoes in their home should consider cooking it beforehand.


Your dog can also safely consume sweet potato in our calming dog treats. They’re baked and prepared with other wholesome ingredients for your dog, like coconut oil, rolled oats, and chicken liver.


What if My Dog is Bored With His Food?

Ensuring that your dog eats food regularly can be difficult if your pet has anxiety or health issues. Plus, it can simply be boring eating the same thing every day. That is why pet owners should always looking for exciting things to put in the food, such as sweet potatoes.


Make sure the sweet potatoes are baked, boiled, or freeze-dried. Instead of preparing them yourself, you can get our calming treats meant for dogs. Sweet potatoes are an excellent addition to your dog's food. As compared to regular potatoes, sweet potatoes have fewer carbohydrates, more nutritional value, and ease of digestion.

How to Give Sweet Potatoes For Your Dog

Initially, you should only give your dog a small amount of sweet potato to check for any allergic reactions. If the dog likes the food, then you can increase the amount.


Don't forget to bake or boil the sweet potatoes before giving it to them. Heating it will break down the starch, making it more delicious and safer for consumption. You can also purchase freeze-dried sweet potato or our Sweet Potato 3mg CBD Calming Dog Treats.


Based on the information above, pet owners can give their dog cooked sweet potato or tasty sweet potato treats to keep them healthy and happy.