My Dog Pees On My Bed - What To Do?

My Dog Pees On My Bed - What To Do?

Why My Dog Pees On My Bed and How to Prevent It

My Dog Pees On My Bed! Looking for a way to stop your dog from peeing in your bed? You're in the right place!  

Firstly, Certified dog trainer, Sylvia Wes chats with Erin the co-founder of Dope Dog. Also, In this quick 1 minute video they discuss the issue of peeing in your bed and what to do about it.

Many pet owners have faced the frustrating issue where their dog pees on their bed. This is more than just an inconvenience; it can become a recurring problem if not addressed. Understanding why my dog pees on my bed is the first step towards solving this issue.

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Understanding the Behavior

The issue where my furbaby pees on my bed may be attributed to a variety of reasons including medical issues, behavioral problems, or even a way of marking territory. A visit to a veterinarian is always advised to rule out any underlying health conditions.


A well-trained furbaby is less likely to pee on the bed. Employ positive reinforcement methods and make sure that you are providing plenty of bathroom breaks, especially if you notice that your furbaby pees on your bed frequently. Training pads and regular outdoor access can help with this issue.

Clean Accidents Immediately

If my furbaby pees on my bed, it’s vital to clean it immediately. Furbabies have a strong sense of smell, and any lingering scent can attract them back to the same spot. Use enzymatic cleaners that break down the odors completely.

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Restrict Access

Restricting access to your bedroom can also prevent the issue where my dog pees on my bed. A simple baby gate or closed door may be enough to deter the behavior.

Address Anxiety

Sometimes, the reason my furbaby pees on my bed may be related to anxiety or stress. Consider speaking with a professional dog trainer or behaviorist to help address these issues.

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Understanding why my dog pees on my bed and taking proactive steps to prevent it can save both you and your pet a lot of stress. From training to proper cleaning to restricting access, there are several strategies to ensure that your bed remains a pee-free zone. Always consult with professionals if the problem persists, as it could be an indication of a more serious underlying issue.

Remember, patience and understanding are key when addressing why my dog pees on my bed. A loving and consistent approach will go a long way in maintaining a happy relationship with your furry friend.

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