Dope Dog Closes First Round of Capital with Key Investors

June 24th 2021 - Los Angeles CA

Dope Dog successfully funded and closed their first funding raising campaign on March 18, 2021. 472% of the minimum goal was raised from 242 investors. Investors were offered perks which included custom dog toys, Dope Dog t-shirts and a virtual mention. Those investors who gave permission for a shout out on the company’s website are listed below.

During the campaign the Republic team dug a little deeper into the backstory of Dope Dog on their SuperHero blog.

A note from founders Michael and Erin: 

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has been a champion and supporter of Dope Dog over the past year. We are absolutely thrilled to be able to do what we do every day. When your mission is making dogs happy, how can you not? 

We want to specifically thank all of our Republic investors who took a chance on us and helped us raise capital to continue doing the work we do. To the moon!

Courtney Nicole Caddeo

Shari Lynn Nickerson

Michael J Opalinski

Christopher Loya

Amit Kumar Agarwal

Scott Francis Eisner

Larisse Mae De La Pena Balonkita

Victoria Alisa Lerner

Peter Derby

Margaret Carol Hooker

David Matthew Haynie

Ron  peters

Andrew Pellarin

Ida Richard

Scott I Weinstock

Randi Jayne Zuckerberg 

Troy  Dreesman

Ashley  Stuart

Stanley Adam Rokaw

Abhik  Banerjee

Susanna  Singh

Audra  Compolongo

Rajeev  Mittal

William R Gustafson

David  Lunken

Chester Andrew  Wood

Meredith  Somers

Alex  Chompff

Kelly Frazier

Lauren  Mross

Teri Namba Bansbach

Birgit  Sharrock

Jeremy Lorenzo Hammonds

Bryon  Iveson

Jonathan Patrick Vielhaber

Paul  Seabury


Jean  Pierre

Sangheon Han

Shameka  Akilah Miller

Karen  Albert

Roland J Ariola

Tyler Tyson McHone

Debra Jill Farber

Connor  Christopher Marshall

Krystle  Stevenson

Shelly Rene Wood

Christian James Obligacion Cruz

Andrew Tsu Yee Hong

Nathan  Schultz

reena sen

Ernestina Valdez-Meyers

Lauren  Haas

Tawana Deborah Rivers

Jeremy  Garrison

Eugene Christopher Ferraiolo

Janet  Fun Clippard

Michael Tannenbaun

Jorinda  Vide

Akshay Sardana

Shane  Pacheco

Raul Rosas

Mackey Leventis

Rachel  Parker

Joanne Prettyman

Matthew P Carona

Andrew Davd Boggs

Diego Eduardo Teran

Trisha  Suri

Tracy jo Juris

Randall Lee Janeway

Alfred Michael Mantoura

Carmen Romy Hinchliffe de Redo

Ricardo Contreras Rodriguez

Pamela Kurzman Rykowski

Justin Keith Swinford

Maria Teresa Tiu

Hailee Christina Wright 

Robin Dawn Cherry

Anthony Andrew Cook

Gianna Carina Lohnn

Brian Kareem Mc Dowell

Debbie McLeod Beers

Debbie Marie Vargas

Tanya  Teneyuque

Trav J Walkowski

Marvin Jeremy Chatman 

Jessica  Mason

Sean Michael McCuddy

Jose Liz

Bryan David Trost

Andrew Michael-Joseph Ahern

Breno Santos Da Mata Junior

Jonathan logan houze

Patrick Norman Sullivan

Arthur Murphey Parker


Jose Ross

Sofia  Quintana

Tajma  Beverly

Dwight Wesley Ringdahl

Kathleen Lee

Jonathan Dewayne Hackworth

Jennifer  Hoerig

Marquita Lashawn Draper

Mitchell Thomas Fransen

Andreas T Miller

Filemon Alberto Gonzalez

About Dope Dog:

Dope Dog was born out of our own pet parent experiences, seeking support for our dog James. Through countless conversations with the pet parent community, we learned that our experiences were the norm and that many dogs were struggling from similar issues. With no holistic products on the market to support our own dog's health, we knew we needed to bring a quality wellness product for dogs to life. So, we set out to create Dope Dog and define a new standard of CBD for dogs — designed for dogs to love and for pet parents to trust.


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