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5 Easy Ways To Avoid Seasonal Allergies

Allergies getting your dog down? Seasonal allergies occur during particular times of the year. Along with seasonal allergies comes dust, dust mites, pollen, grass, and flea bites. 

Your dog’s environment can have a big impact on whether or not they are affected by seasonal allergies. In sunny LA, plants are blooming year-round! This means your furry friend can be exposed to allergies more frequently. In cooler climates, plants tend to bloom mostly in springtime and aren’t present during the winter. Regardless of where you and your pup live, it is still possible for year-round allergies to be present. The more your dog is exposed to the allergens he/she is sensitive to, the more intense and longer-lasting these allergic responses become.

We’ve gathered some tips on how to help your dog handle seasonal allergies!

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Redesign your walk routine

Person taking a dog for a walk

If your schedule allows, try to avoid walking your dog in the early morning hours or the late afternoon. This is when pollen levels are generally at the highest. Be aware of parks and fields where blooming plants are numerous. You may even want to consider creating an indoor playtime setting during certain months.

Keep the home clean

Be sure to clear the air and surfaces of dust in order to cut down the allergens in the air. Cleaning out air filters and using a dehumidifier will help keep the air as dust-free and allergen-free as possible. Dusting off surfaces and vacuuming at least once a week will also have a huge positive impact on your dog’s allergies.

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 Be prepared

A little prep work goes a long way! Protecting the top of your beds and couches with towels and blankets will make the cleaning process easier. Then, you can just pop the towels into the washer and replace them with fresh coverings. On another note, be sure to also wash any of your pup’s soft toys on a regular basis!

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Bath time

To manage the dryness of your dog’s coat and skin, implement bath time more frequently! You can use a gentle, anti-itch shampoo that contains a soothing ingredient like aloe or oatmeal. For example, Dope Dog’s Oatmeal lavender shampoo does wonders to alleviate skin allergies. Some choose to do a 10 minute soak in moisturizing oil, such as coconut.

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Change your doggie’s diet

A dog eating a bowl of dog food


What your dog eats has a big impact on their allergies. Try a natural diet supplement like fish oil, or something with omega-3 oil to reduce irritations and to encourage healthy skin long-term. Asian Carp CBD dog treats have ample amounts of fish oil and healthy ingredients with antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties to keep your dog’s allergy under control. Also be sure that your pup is drinking lots of water, and his/her water and bowl is being kept clean from dust and other pollutants. 

Use Some CBD Dog Treats

CBD is a potent ingredient known for stopping inflammation and slightly suppressing the immune reaction. This can help reduce the anti-histamine release and other exaggerated responses during an allergy attack. Fortunately, CBD dog treats serve as a delicious way of reducing allergies. Your dog will enjoy the 6 mg Peanut Butter CBD Calming Dog Treats that will leave him licking and relaxing during the spring season.

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Brush Your Dog Every Day

If you own a collie or golden retriever, you know that they shed like crazy every day. It’s essential to brush them daily to get rid of excess fur. This can help allergy symptoms that the dog may have.

 Avoid Other Animals

Your dog has severe allergies; it’s best to avoid other animals. Other pets typically have fur, dust, and dandruff that can further aggravate your canine companion's allergies.

We hope these tips help you and your dog stay allergy-free all season long!

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