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11 Tips on How to Stop a Dog from Barking When Left Alone [THAT REALLY WORKS!]

How to Stop a Dog From Barking? Although your dog is your best buddy, there are moments when they may be quite obnoxious. While it is reasonable that all dogs will bark occasionally, some dogs can bark non stop when left alone. This could be a serious issue, particularly if you have neighbours. Nothing is worse than arriving home from a stressful day at work to find your neighbours angry because your dog has been barking and yapping nonstop.


Bear in mind that dogs don't bark aimlessly. Various factors, including stranger intrusions, hunger, worry, and many more, always bring on this behaviour.


Although you might be eager to figure out how to stop your dog from barking when you leave the house, it's advisable first to ascertain why the dog behaves that way.


Ever find yourself thinking, "My dog barks at everything that passes by"? Well, you're not alone. Many dog owners face this issue, which can be frustrating, especially when the barking becomes incessant and loud.



Dogs barking can often disrupt a peaceful home setting, especially if you're wondering how to stop a dog from barking in the house. While you might be thinking of ways to stop dog barking in seconds, the solution might require more patience and effort.


Why Do Dogs Bark?

Nighttime barking can be a particular concern. If you've been grappling with the issue of how to stop a dog from barking at night, understanding the reasons behind their behaviour is crucial.



Anxiety related to separation is a prevalent problem that several dog owners encounter in their lifetime. Certain canines are unfit to be left alone because they will trespass on the house or bark nonstop. If your dog barks excessively whenever you leave the house, it will likely experience separation anxiety. Getting a bark collar that will zap them when they bark would be the greatest way to end this.


Dog Bored - How to Stop Dog from Barking

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Dogs are pack animals like wolves. This explains why they always want to hang out with us or play with other dogs when they develop a strong attachment with their owners. Whenever there’s nothing to do, they may just bark excessively for attention. Stated differently, they are opposed to being left in solitude with their environment and thoughts. In fact, their boredom can quickly turn into destructive behavior, which can destroy your furniture. Energy-rich breeds, like sled dogs and herding dogs, tend to become bored rapidly, therefore it's advisable to exercise them extensively before leaving them home alone.


Types Of Barking Dogs

Dog Barking 


The Alpha/Territorial 

Alpha/Territorial barkers typically guard breed types and/or unneutered males. These barkers are meant to protect their house, yard, and general "air space" from intruders like a squirrel, passing dogs, mailmen, or a neighbour. Neutering your dog may help to take its territorial edge off. Proper training can get the dog's instincts in line if it's a genetic issue. Your dog may stop barking when you leave the house by restricting him from patrolling the area around the front door or porch and blocking his view of the property limits (use an enclosure rather than chain-link fencing). Keep a close eye on this kind of barker- when you are home, don't let your dog bark at passersby. After all, if you cannot keep him quiet while you're present, you can't expect to when you're absent.


The Genetically Prone Bark

Pretty much all terriers and most small dogs- especially Poodles, Maltese, and miniature Schnauzers- are in this category. These breed types are genetically programmed to bark at sounds or movements they sense. Originally developed to warn the farmer about the rabbit in the cabbage patch, they now continually notify you of the presence of neighbours, ringing phones, or the elevator's arrival. It's important to teach your dog to bark less. You should be able to turn your dog's "on" or "off" through your orders. We know you're not trying to suppress their personality; it's just important for them to be appropriate. Designate a place or time where your yappy pup can bark as much as he wants!


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The Demanding Barker

This self-assured little soul will not be left alone after the party ends! He'll stay at the door and bark at you to come back and play. Barking set-ups (discussed below) and engaging toys will help quiet this mischievous pooch, as will the citronella anti-bark collar.


The Bored Under exercised

Hound, herding, and sporting breed types were selectively bred to work all day. Particularly in the urban environment, many pointers, retrievers, collies, setters, and the like are unfortunately under-exercised. These dogs must be kept busy, or their boredom will turn into barking (along with other annoying habits). If you have this kind of dog, it needs at least two hours of aerobic, vigorous exercise every day. Before you go to work, you should always leave behind a dog that is panting and exhausted from challenging play. 


The Fearful, Anxious Dog

This group includes dogs of toy and small breeds, dogs that have been adopted from shelters, and dogs that have been moved about a lot. Their pasts could involve being too protective, being isolated or cuddled, or not being socialized properly. If your dog has never been out of the backyard or has always lived in an apartment, it may exhibit anxious behaviours when placed in a new home environment. These dogs get severe separation anxiety when left behind, even briefly. Most of these dogs require proper socialization with the world around them. Obedience work with plenty of positive reinforcement will build confidence and yield a dog that can adapt and cope better. 


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1. Create a Quiet Zone

By setting up a specific calm area away from disturbances, dogs have a place to retreat and relax. This space, filled with their favorite comforts, minimizes their exposure to potential triggers and reduces their need to bark.


*Scenario:* Think of it this way: "My dog barks at everything that passes by the window." A potential solution? Create a space devoid of such distractions.


2. Use Desensitization Techniques

Gradual exposure to stimuli causing barking, in a controlled manner, teaches dogs that these stimuli are non-threatening. Over time, they can become accustomed to and undisturbed by noises or sights that once caused them to bark excessively.

*Scenario:* Vacuum cleaners, doorbells, or neighbours can be triggers. And if you're pondering over how to stop a dog barking at neighbours or any similar triggers, desensitization can be your answer.


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3. Implement Distraction Methods

Distracting your dog from what's causing them to bark, whether with toys, treats, or other engaging activities, can shift their focus. This method can serve as an immediate solution and, when consistently applied, can lead to longer-term behavior modification.

*Scenario: How to stop a dog barking in seconds? Distract them. Giving them a toy every time the doorbell rings can momentarily divert their attention.


4. Make Sure Your Dog Gets Enough Exercise

A well-executed dog is less likely to bark out of boredom or stored up energy. They can become more tired by regular walks, playtime, and mentally engaging activities or toys, which will cut down on their needless barking.

*Scenario:* Dogs, when restless, might bark more, even at home. So, if you're figuring out how to stop a dog from barking in the house, ensure they're adequately tired and stimulated.

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Dog Running - How to stop dog from barking


5. Consult with a Behaviorist

A behaviorist might offer solutions you hadn't considered, especially if you've tried various home remedies. Speaking of which, have you ever wondered how to make a dog stop barking using home remedies? While some might offer temporary relief, professional insights can offer long-term solutions.


6. Establish a Schedule

Dogs are accustomed to their routines. By sticking to a consistent daily routine, they can feel more secure and less anxious, thus reducing triggers that might cause excessive barking.

Routine can make a massive difference, especially if you're dealing with nighttime nuisances and seeking ways to stop a dog from barking at night.


7. Anti-Barking Devices

These devices, like ultrasonic bark controllers or collars, can deter barking by emitting sounds or sensations that are unpleasant for the dog but harmless. They should be used judiciously and as a part of a comprehensive training approach.

Sometimes, our furry friends need a little technological intervention, especially when neighbours are the triggers. If you're wondering how to stop a dog barking at neighbours, ultrasonic devices can be helpful.


8. Natural Remedies

There are herbal and natural supplements available that can help soothe an anxious dog and minimize their urge to bark. Consulting with a veterinarian is essential before introducing any remedy.


For those leaning towards natural solutions and wondering how to make a dog stop barking using home remedies, essential oils can provide a soothing environment for your pet.


9. Deal with Loneliness

Some dogs bark a lot because they are lonely or because they are experiencing separation anxiety. Making sure they have company, whether it be from people or another animal, can lessen this.


Loneliness can be a significant factor, especially if your dog barks at every little activity around, like neighbours or passersby. The solution might be to engage or enrol them in a local doggy daycare.


10. Train the 'Quiet' Command

Teaching your dog a specific command that signals them to stop barking can be invaluable. With consistent training, you can have better control over their vocalizations.


*Scenario:* Training is the cornerstone. It might not stop the barking in seconds, but it's one of the most effective methods over time.


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Dog Training


11. CBD Dog Treats

CBD dog treats have become very popular over the years. People often claim that treats have helped their dogs relax and reduce anxiety. Unlike anti-anxiety medication that can have dangerous side effects, CBD treats are natural and organic. They relax your dog's nervousness by stimulating the endocannabinoid receptors system. Once these receptors are activated, the body will release serotonin to enhance your dog's mood and happiness. Serotonin can alleviate anxiety and boredom, which are responsible for many uncontrollable barking experiences.



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Remove the Motivation

According to Pavlo's experiment, he would ring a bell and place food in a bowl for his dog. Eventually, he realized that the dog would salivate every time he rang the bell. This is a major example of classical conditioning, which equates to positive reinforcement. That means your dog feels like every time they bark, and they will get a reward. Otherwise, he or she wouldn't do such a thing.


The most important thing is to find out what motivates him or her to bark and remove it. You don't want to give your dog the opportunity to keep barking. For example, if he or she barks at people or animals passing by the house, then it's best to close the curtains or put him or her in another room. If he or she barks at passersby when he's in the backyard, then bring him or her into the house. The important lesson here is to remove anything that inspires your dog to unnecessarily bark.


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The Most Common Mistakes

Excessive barking can be very annoying. A lot of times, owners try to silence the barking by acting violently towards their dogs. That is not the way to train your dog. Hitting your dog is negative reinforcement that can only lead to more destructive behaviour and can reduce the bond and love between you and your canine companion.


Another common mistake that owners make is squirting their dog in the face with a water bottle. Some dogs may see this as an invitation to play and have fun. This means that they will only bark more just to get a "playful" reaction out of you to squirt them. With this in mind, your actions may be the main motivation for their uncontrollable barking behaviour.


Luckily, with these tips and strategies, you will be able to prevent yourself from making the same mistakes that other owners have made before. In fact, you will be able to implement the right techniques to train your dog to stop barking when he or she is alone. Your dog will be happier by receiving positive reinforcement, your neighbours will be happy that they won't hear your dog yapping all day, and you'll feel at peace knowing your canine pal is being well-behaved while out of your sight.


German Shepherd Exercise - How to stop dog from barking



Tackling the issue of your dog barking, whether it's at night, at neighbours, or just about everything that moves, requires patience and understanding. With the above strategies, you're better equipped to handle and minimize unnecessary barking, ensuring peace for both you and your furry friend.


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