Oprah Backs Established CBD Pet Line, Dope Dog - Dope Dog

Oprah Backs Established CBD Pet Line, Dope Dog

Once again, Established CBD Pet Line - Dope Dog's CBD pet products are gaining popularity after being featured on the October 2019 O-list in Oprah Magazine

Furthermore, Highlighted is the "Dope Dropper," containing 500mg of CBD in MCT coconut oil. It aids pets with anxiety, inflammation, and balance.

Dope Dog was founded in 2017 by pet parents Michael and Erin to help treat issues their own dogs' faced.

 "Unsatisfied with the quality and strength of products available in the pet market, we knew there was a better way. This is what led to the creation of Dope Dog's first product, Calming Crunchies."- Michael Benatar, Co-Founder

Catering to savvy pet owners, Dope Dog offers small-batch, human-grade calming treats. Their renowned CBD Calming Crunchies boast 6mg per treat, 50% above industry norms.

Sourcing and creating all products and ingredients in the US is a challenging feat in the pet industry.

Satisfied pet owners' success stories showcase CBD's benefits as a daily supplement, promising a bright future for Dope Dog.

"Since using Dope Dog treats she has been able to socialize with other dogs and stay comfortable throughout new interactions and stressful car rides!" - Jeffery R.

"We appreciate the short and whole-food ingredient list." - Charlene H.

"They seem much happier and playful at home." - Arielle B.

Aside from reaping CBD health benefits for their pets, Dope Dog customers are benefiting from other added values, including a lifestyle brand that is fun to identify with. Also, Fans of these CBD products for dogs happily advertise themselves as "Dope Dogs" on social media posts with the hashtag #dopedog.

Amid cannabis research, consumer inquiries about CBD for dogs persist, highlighting curiosity around this remarkable plant. Lastly, Dope Dog uses organic industrial hemp grown in Colorado.

Consumers may appreciate that every batch is 3rd-party lab tested to guarantee purity and safety. Dope Dog makes it easy to reference test results with a scannable QR code on all products which links directly to a page on their website, updated with the latest lab tests for each product.

So what's next for Dope Dog, now that they have the Oprah stamp of approval?

Growing CBD market competition drives pet product companies to stay ahead, ensuring they remain competitive and innovative. Luckily, trend spotting seems to be Dope Dog's strong suit. Also, they recently launched "Soothing Suds", the first CBD pet shampoo designed to soothe dry, itchy skin by reducing topical inflammation.

"We are in research and development to expand our topical line, which will allow our customers to administer CBD onto their pet's skin, coat, and paws in new ways. We expect this to be a game changer because of all the requests we get on this particular topic."

-Erin Mastopietro, Co-Founder

Trendsetting products with a name that can't help but make you smile—it's a smart bet that Dope Dog's here to stay.

Are you looking for high-quality CBD products for your dog? Our products have simple quality ingredients that are sourced right here in the United States! Check out Dope Dog today.


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