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How CBD Can Help Your Dog Sleep?

The worst part about sleeping in the same room with your dog is that if he can’t sleep, you won’t be able to. A healthy dog needs about 12 to 14 hours of rest time, and if they are not getting that, then most likely, there are some underlying issues. 

Fortunately, CBD dog treats from Dope Dog can be beneficial in helping your canine companion get a good night's sleep. As a matter of fact, a 2019 published study on the effects of CBD on sleep has found that individuals who consume CBD products have a 67% higher improvement in their sleep than individuals without CBD. 

In 2013, animal trial research showed that CBD has significantly increased the total sleep times for subjects who consume 10 to 40 mg per kilogram of CBD.

Since clinical research has indicated the benefits of CBD on sleep, here or some insights on how CBD can help your dog.

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What is CBD?

CBD offers both medicinal and therapeutic purposes for both pets and humans. It is 1 of the 104 chemical compounds found in cannabis that does not cause the "high effect" that marijuana does, so it will not lead to abuse or dependency. The World Health Organization even considers CBD to be a safe substance.


Is CBD from Hemp or Marijuana?

Hemp refers to the cannabis substance that is grown from agriculture, crop, and contains little to no THC. THC comes from marijuana, and is the main ingredient that elicits the psychogenic effects that make people or animals "feel high." Fortunately, CBD oil originates from hemp, so it does not cause the psychogenic symptoms that marijuana does. 

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How to Choose CBD Dog Treats for Dogs With Sleeping Problems?

Here is a list of ways to choose the right CBD dog treats for your canine companion with insomnia:

  • Choose organic  ingredients
  • Make sure the product contains 100% natural ingredients
  • Start with the lowest dose, like 3 to 5 mg.
  • Check out Dope Dog for more information and see if they explained information on ingredients and dosage.
  • Check if the website has excellent customer service and customer reviews .
  • Make sure to get CBD derived from US grown hemp from a reputable source
  • Make sure it is third-party tested.

Easy to read dosing charts


How CBD Can Help Your Dog Sleep

grey dog sleeping

Here is a list of ways that CBD can help your dog sleep better at night:

Reduce Joint Pain

As your dog gets older, he or she is vulnerable to arthritis, which is the inflammation of the joints. This can lead to severe pain and uncomfortable symptoms while standing, sitting, or even lying down. When your four-legged friend lay down to sleep, it can result in significant discomfort from the weight of his body pressing on the legs, making it difficult for him to sleep through the night.

You may notice that the dog is moving slower than usual, and taking more care laying down, walking on surfaces, or stepping over things. A new bed may help, but the pain will still be there. 

Veterinarians can prescribe anti-inflammatory medications like NSAID to help alleviate joint pain; unfortunately, these drugs can cause unfavorable side effects. 

Fortunately, CBD oil like the Salmon Dope Dropper with 200 mg CBD  can quickly absorb into your dog's system to provide amazing anti-inflammatory benefits to reduce pain and inflammation to help your dog sleep better at night.

Reduce Anxiety

CBD can bind to the brain's receptor to release neurochemical hormones to help the dog relax. Pet parents have found that CBD products can reduce the dog's anxiety, especially in unfamiliar places, thunderstorms, and separation issues. 

It's funny, but pets can also suffer from anxiety like humans. They can stay up late, staring at the ceiling for hours trying to fall asleep. 

Fortunately, a sleep study done on rats in Japan reported that CBD oil could stop sleep disruption.

Don't believe us, try the Peanut Butter 3 mg CBD or the Asian Carp 3 mg CBD dog treat to reduce your dog's anxiety.

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Allergies can make your furry friend scratch and sneeze all night long and can definitely make it impossible for them to fall asleep. If the allergy is very severe, it can cause breathing problems, and he will be up all night coughing. 

Luckily, the Oatmeal Lavender CBD Dog Shampoo does a fantastic job of lowering skin hypersensitivity, redness, swelling, dermatitis, and itchiness, so your dog can sleep better at night. 


Relieves Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Many pets suffer from inflammations of the stomach, which can make it extremely hard to fall asleep. Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) can appear due to various components such as food poisoning, parasites, and low immunity. IBD can also be hereditary in certain cases. Some common symptoms of IBD in canines include weight loss, vomiting, bloody stool, stomach pain, and fatigue. CBD oil can be an effective way of controlling IBD in dogs. It has anti-inflammatory benefits that assist in the body maintaining homeostasis. CBD oil can lower stomach inflammation and support healthy weight in animals. A 2018 study reports that CBD oil is also an efficient inhibitor for nausea. Cannabinoids interact with the Endocannabinoid System and stimulate the desire to eat food. CBD can alleviate pain from IBD to help dogs sleep peacefully. Along with CBD oil, dog owners should begin giving them mild food and progressively introduce regular food when they see an improvement in symptoms.


Help With Seizures

When a dog has a seizure, it can vary from uncontrollable shaking to a twitch. In certain dogs, seizures can be over quickly, while in others may last several minutes. There are many reasons dogs have seizures, such as immunization shots, dehydration, or head injury. If your dog regularly experiences seizures, then it may suffer from epilepsy. Epilepsy consists of an explosion of electricity in the brain of the dog. Dogs who have seizures often find it difficult to sleep continuously due to their brain struggling to transition from waking to sleeping. 

CBD oil can be a natural, holistic way to help manage seizures and epilepsy. Nearly 89 percent of dogs treated with CBD showed a significant reduction in seizures. Taking CBD oil can lower the frequency of seizures in dogs, helping them sleep serenely.


How to Purchase CBD Products for My Dog

It’s essential to do some valuable research on a company before making the purchase. You want to make sure that the company sells high-quality CBD dog products without any preservative, GMO, or other material that can affect the beneficial effects of the CBD. 

Dope Dog offers CBD treats, oil, and shampoo. Their products are made with high-end ingredients to alleviate pain, anxiety, reduce inflammation, and much more. They have also garnished a lot of five-star reviews and comments from their consumers, so you know that they are a reliable brand.

Is CBD Safe?

A puppy with a questioning look

 If this is your furry friend's first time using CBD, then it’s best to start with a low dose. Every dog reacts differently to the product; some may experience the therapeutic effects, while others are not that fortunate. 

The common side effects of CBD include irritability, fatigue, stomach upset, skin irritation, and nausea. If your dog experiences any unfavorable symptoms after taking CBD products, then definitely stop immediately and call the vet.

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If you have recently moved to a new place, have new people in the house, or make any changes in your life, it can add significant stress to your dog. This may be the reason why your companion is having trouble sleeping at night.

Fortunately, Dope Dog offers quality treats, oil, and shampoo to alleviate anxiety or any medical condition that can prevent your dog from sleeping soundly at night. 

With these delicious treats, your four-legged friend will be counting sheep with you tonight.

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